horrible acting

i like the show. i really do. the permanent cast is talented, and their characters are cool.

This week's episode was just terrible. The family in the cabin were just aweful actors. just terrible. I cringed through their parts. The actors were portraying carefree people, whilst surrounded by cyborgs from the future. I would expect a little shock and fear in the characters (What?! The world's gonn end?! CYBORGS?!!). They were so distracting, that i really couldn't get into the episode.

wow, i like cheesy B-movies, but don't mess up TSCC.

normally i just read posters' comments and smugly laugh at the idiots with too much time in their silly little lives. BUT NOW I UNDERSTAND. and i retract any condescending snickers i had at your expense. For I am now one of you: Geek with an adament opinion on a t.v. show


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Dec 11, 2008 8:47PM EST

I agree, I feel the acting was horribly sub-par from the cabin family. I also feel that the writers didn't do them any favors in making their transition from normal people who don't believe anything sinister is going on in the world, to 'shocked' (and in denial which would be bound to happen) individuals. I feel that they didn't see enough of the cyborgs to make them first of all trust Sarah, (the woman who kidnapped them at gunpoint) and secondly believe that Cameron and the triple 8 were really cyborgs. I feel that as overall plot development for the series is concerned this had strong points but was really weak when it came to the episode on it's own. I hope they aren't rushing to finish the series.

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