just another cop show...

i wish Life would get back some original style. The first season had stylin music that alone made me check out this new "cop show". After wrapping my ears around the tunes, I was drawn in by the new spin on the dysfunctional cop partners schtick. I guess that I miss the emphasis on Cruise's Zen, and anticipating whether or not he's gonna go ballistic on the mofos that put him away. The show doesn't feel intense anymore.

There are some loose plots that are starting to bug me a bit too; such as, the relationship between cruise and his "niece", between olivia and ted, cruise and his ex-wife...I know it's just a show, but I did enjoy watching the characters. Maybe the show needs a little more edginess. more tunes, more zen, more prison educated policing.

maybe i'm all wrong, and the show is just slowly ramping it up for a showdown between Cruise and Roman...it may not seem cool to me anymore, but at least its still entertaining alot of folks.


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Apr 2, 2009 10:03AM EDT

I disagree. I feel the show is one of the best musically matched on TV at the moment - I love the music they use.I, like you, find some of the sub-characters mildly boring, and I miss the Zen a wee bit, but I think the plot is getting stronger and stronger and Crew's legendary calm is being thoroughly tested....

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