I would like to know where I can watch my show online, too.

This website is very confusing or misleading!!!


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Jul 12, 2009 7:55PM EDT

At the bottom of every SideReel page is a link to our FAQ, which includes a section ( on how to watch videos.
''To watch a video, go to the show's page like Lost or search by title in the search box on the top right of the site. On every SideReel page there's a link box that's categorized by season and episode. The current season of a show will always be at the top.
Click on the episode you want to watch, that link will open up to show the different links available for that episode.
SideReel indexes links to video. We do not host the actual videos. Videos are hosted by different sites, which SideReel does not control. If you are within the U.S., you should be able to watch videos from sites like ABC, NBC, CBS, Hulu and others.Why am I having trouble viewing some videos?
Many video sites require Adobe's Flash Player to play the videos on their site, so make sure you have the latest Flash Player. Also, some video sites have better support for the FireFox browser (as opposed to Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera browsers). SideReel recommends that you install and use FireFox.
Sometimes links to videos break because those videos have been moved or removed. However, often a video just needs to finish loading. To enable to video to load, pause that video (without playing it) for a minute so that it can load, then click on the play button.Does watching videos cost anything?
SideReel is free to use. Most of the links on SideReel point to free videos. Some links point to content that you have to pay for, such as video from Amazon and iTunes. Please remember that if you join a service that you have to pay for, that service is not provided by SideReel and SideReel has no control over that service.''
If you have any further questions, please send an email through the contact form ( 8)

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