Good but not great


I have to say that I'm somewhat disappointed in Hannibal. I read the book before I read the movie and although I knew that a movie is normally worse then the book it's based off, Hannibal is so different from the movie...

I think I would have liked this movie more if I'd watched it before I read the book, since it's a perfectly good movie in it's own right. However the book gives Hannibal and Clarice a more complete and "normal" relationship and I wanted to see that reproduced in the movie.

The movie follows the book pretty closely until the very end, when Hannibal and Clarice are escaping from Mason's Farm. In the book Hannibal keeps Clarice captive for a long time (I want to say about a month) and slowly twists her mind until it's the way he wants it. Despite the manipulations the reader knows Hannibal is preforming on Clarice, the reader is still lead to like Hannibal and root for their relationship (for lack of a better word) In the book this is finished off by the Brain Eating Scene and Clarice running away with Hannibal, turning into a cannibal and a fugitive.

In the movie the relationship and manipulation between Hannibal and Clarice is reduced to a little medical care, the Brain Eating Scene (which loses much of it's scarcastic wit in the process of book to movie) and a quick kiss which, although I liked, left me wanting more...

On a side note, I actually like this Clarice better then the actress who played her in Silence of the Lambs... I don't really have a reason why.


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