Episode 3: "Fun Town"

Can I just start off by saying Kurt Sutter is a genius! I cant see this show going anywhere but up. This thrilling episode, "Fun Town," starts of with the boys acting like boys at the town carnival. Roller coaster rides, insulting clowns, and scandalous romps in the photo booth all included. I thought your sexual drive was supposed to decrease with age. I guess that's not the case for Gemma and Clay. I wonder if she was that feisty with Mr. Teller.

The fun ends early however when the wealthy Oswald family runs into a crisis. Their 13 year old daughter goes missing after a ride. She turns up not long after raped and beaten. She is hospitalized and says that she cant remember anything after getting off the ride.

Instead of going to the Charming Police Department Elliot Oswald decides to takes his problem to the Sons of Anarchy. Clay agrees to find the dirt bag that hurt Tristan as long as Elliot is willing to "deliver justice". But is the justice Clay is seeking really for little Tristan?

I cant help but think that on top of it all, Jax feels guilty that he gave the little Oswald the tickets to the ride that took her out of her parents sight. Maybe that's why Jax was so intent on finding the rapist. You cant help but to have a soft spot for a tough guy with a conscience. And there's something particularly sexy about a guy who fights for what's right.

It figures that just searching for the guy would be too easy. CPD got word that the Sons were on the lookout for a citizens arrest so Agent Hale sent some of his officers to keep the boys busy. That didn't last long. A few questions and a couple dosed coffees later and the cops were sleeping like babies.

In the mean time, the boys got a lead on some perv from another gang. It takes a little to hunt him down but when they found him they made sure they were prepared. Or so they thought. No clips=big problem. No worries, Sam Crow can handle it. They take down the men outside and walk in on -- bible study? Let me tell you I laughed out loud on that one! It was a humorous little twist on such a serious matter.

In this episode we find that Gemma may actually have a heart in that frozen chest of hers after all. She turns out to be the one who actually finds out who the criminal is. She sweet talks the little girl to find out that she really does remember then has a heart to heart with Mrs. Oswald so she admits to who raped Tristan. It ends up being one of the carnies. The same insulting clown that Jax and the boys almost drowned. They get a hold of him after a rumble with the rest of the carnies and bring him to Elliot Oswald for righteousness. As sadistic as it is Clay wants Elliot to cut off the clown's "boys" except Mr. Oswald cant get up the guts to actually do it, so Clay does, much to Jax's dismay. But not before getting Elliot's prints on the knife he used.

Remember when I questioned Clay's quest for justice? From what I gathered he wants to frame Mr. Oswald so he cant complete a business deal. A business deal that Clay states would jeopardize the club. I cant help but think that there's a bigger conspiracy going on here. Anyone agree?

On the hospital front little Abel is still going strong and his mommy has just gotten out of detox. Tara is mighty persistent that Wendy admits she didn't shoot up the drugs herself. I'm thinking Tara needs to keep her nose in her own business. Seems like she has her own issues to deal with. Restraining order on some dangerous ex boyfriend from Chicago seems like a handful. Especially when she starts getting unexpected phone calls from him. And especially when he has the color blue on his side. Think it's a coincidence that he's an ATF agent who may now be going after Sam Crow? Somehow I see a damsel in distress plot line forming. Will there be a Jax/Tara reunion?

Previews for next weeks episode looks mighty juicy. Tell me what you think.


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