SYTYCD Top 20!

I've been extremely busy but I made sure to carve out the time to watch the top 20 perform last night and man am I glad I did! The first week started out great! I would say that about 8.5 out of 10 performances were pretty damn impressive for each of the couple's first dance.

I was glad to see that the show started out with my season favorite so far. I've had my eye on Phillip since his tryout in Season 3. When he came back last year and made it to Vegas I was ecstatic, but then he got sick and couldn't continue. Lucky for him, his illness got him a straight shot to Vegas for Season 5. His luck also got him a Hip Hop number first. He and his partner Jeanine got Tabitha and Napoleon as their choreographers. It was an amazing routine, with an amazing song, performed amazingly. Great start to the season.

Next up was Vitolio and Asuka with a Broadway routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio. I was not impressed to say the least. I felt like there wasn't enough character coming out of the dancers and the Judges seemed to agree.

Jonathan and Karla just might get the award for sexiest couple by looks alone but after performing a Cha-cha choreographed by Tony Meredith, they proved it had to do with dancing as well. It was enough to make you sweat! It was everything a Cha-cha should have been.

The cute little couple to follow was Evan and Randi. This duo could have danced with no music at all and it still would have been beautiful. The judges thought that it was one of Tyce's best and I have to agree. The performance blew me away! I think these two are going to surprise people.

Another Tabitha and Napoleon routine came in the form of Paris and Tony. They were going strong in the beginning. Half way through they seemed to hit a speed bump or something. They died down and got out of beat with each other. There was definitely room for improvement here.

Bollywood is one of my favorite styles and, I think, the hardest and most exciting. Caitlin and Jason did an outstanding job. They were Sharp, energetic, and Nakul did amazing job on the routine. They really did it justice. And how could you think anything bad after that hand stand part? Definately a force of nature like Adam said.

The Foxtrot was choreographed by Louis Van Amstel for Janette and Brandon. It was beautiful and had some awesomely graceful lifts. They are no Fred and Ginger as they were implying but a good performance none the less.

The amazing Wade Robson choreographed Ashley and Kupono's Jazz routine. Wade NEVER ceases to amaze me. He is truly genius with his strange, quirky style. The dancers played the part of the in love crash test dummies amazingly. It was phenomenal! Enough said.

Melissa and Ade danced to a Contemporary piece by Mandy Moore. Wow. You would never know that Melissa was on the verge of 40. I could not take my eyes off her. The entire performance was beautiful, very graceful and perfectly synchronized.

The final pair, Kayla and Max, danced a Louis Van Amstel Samba. The routine was spicy, sexy, saucy, all of the above! Kayla looked as though she had been doing ballroom for as long as Max and the pair looked great together.

Based on performance alone I would have to say my prediction for what couples should be in the bottom go to Vitolio and Asuka or Paris and Tony. I donĂ¢€™t feel that they did nearly as good as the rest of the pairs who kept me on the edge of my seat. We shall find out tonight. I hope you all voted! Tell me what you think.


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