FX Does it Again!

Now I'm a girl of many interests but for some reason this new series didn't immediately catch my eye. Maybe it was because of the lack of eye candy- or so I thought. (I found out that Jax is quite the yummy hunny!) Anyways, whatever the reason, I didn't originally have any plans to ever watch the show. I like to keep my options open however and my Wednesday night line up wasn't too full so I caught the first episode online just in time to watch the second Wednesday night. Boy am I glad I did!

The first episode starts out with a bang- literally - when Sam Crowe's boys get their warehouse blown to pieces. Let’s not forget to mention the hundreds of illegal weapons and two hidden immigrants that get burned too.

You immediately find out that Jax has a little looker on the way and when he heads to storage to find some of his old stuff for the kid he finds more than just toys. He ends up discovering a manuscript that his deceased father, John Teller, left behind about the Sons of Anarchy. Jax starts to question if the club is really going in the direction his father had intended.

He doesn't have too much time to dwell on it however because his druggie ex-wife doses herself into an early labor. Little Abel has all types of complications and what are the odds that the doctor fixing his little heart is the one who has his daddy's.

The former Mrs. Bundy does a fantastic job with her character, Gemma. You can tell there will be lots of dirty deeds going on behind the scenes with her.

The one thing that irks me a little is the fact that with certain aspects I feel as if I missed a whole season of the show. As far as Gemma and Jax's father go you don't really have a clue how long they were together or if they were even married up until he died. With Jax and Tara's saga you can draw your own conclusions but they don't really tell you anything about the two of them together. And Gemma and her new beau? Guess that just means there’s a lot of juicy gossip for us to find out in the coming episodes!

FX never ceases to amaze me. The risks that they tend to take make the shows all the more exciting to watch. The Sons of Anarchy is no exception. I give Kudos to them for having the guts to put this show on the air. It's offensive, rude, more than a little violent, and I absolutely LOVE it!


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Sep 15, 2008 2:52PM EDT

Great review! I agree that I was wishing for a lot more background on components like Gemma and John's marriage and her remarriage to Clay. When I got the chance to do a Q&A with Ron Perlman who's playing Clay Morrow, I asked him if he had any more history of Gemma and Clay for us, and even he didn't really know much at this point, but said he believes more will unfold along the way.

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