Gossip Girl "The Ex-Files" Review

It's battle of the sexes on Gossip Girl this week. More like battle of the Exes. Its the first day back to school after a scandalous summer in the Hampton's and the first of many awkward moments for Dan and Serena. Its the first time they've seen each other since the break-up and there's a new girl in school who doesn't look like she's going to make it easy.

Lily is back from her honeymoon and Bart is already away on business. Turns out its lonely being Mrs. Bass. Too bad Rufus is already dating or her unexpected visits with wine may have sparked an affair. I still feel bad for the poor guy but I give him credit for having the strength to stop her from walking all over him.

After a slightly failed attempt of sabotage from Blair, Amanda, the new girl, decided its time Dan makes a statement. She poses for a few "un-staged" pictures for GG and thus adds even more tension to Dan and Serena. I sense Amanda has a little evil hiding in her as well.

After a small argument Serena comes up with possibly the stupidest idea ever: a threesome date with Dan and Amanda. I really foresaw that going well. It ends in alcohol, anger, tears, and burning hair. And here's the big shocker......Chuck was behind it all. I know, so NOT shocking. Seems he has some other scheme up his sleeve. Does he want Serena's queen status restored for his own entertainment or for something bigger?

Vanessa is still avoiding Nate in order to save his dad and the Duchess is willing to compensate her for her good deed. Catherine leaves Vanessa a hefty check and disappears. Its just like a witch to do magic. Now I called from day one the events that happen next. When Vanessa goes to the house of royalty to return her reward, she walks in on a more than loving mother-son display. She turns out to be stealth enough to snap a picture but it doesn't end up in Gossip Girl's inbox. She goes to the Queen B for a revenge plot. Do I smell another unlikely friendship brewing? Because I know Blair is going to want some revenge for herself.

Too bad B didn't move faster because Vanessa spoiled the plan with one of her own. Guess I was wrong about that friendship.

With Serena being the new queen on the block and Dan being a social pariah I wonder what will happen next in the world of the Upper East Side. And what will happen now that Nate's dads fate is in limbo. Guess we'll have to hold our breaths until next week. Tell me what you think.

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Sep 26, 2008 11:35PM EDT

First of all, I love that S goes bad. Can't wait to see what she does next :) Kuddos to C. I think he trying to get B in the right position to get her back. Love C and B.
D is such big talk about how he doesn't care what other people think blah blah blah, lets see how he does with his new non-existent status.
V messed up royally b/c N isn't like B and the rest of them that love all that drama and she should have been honest with him....and then gone to B. How I love the evil-ness of B, I could count the ways. Let me say a big "EWW" to the Duchess and the Lord. Had to say I saw that one coming. The Lord was always like, "she sends my girlfriends running...." What up with that? Loved how evil she was, but some things are just wrong...
And I feel bad for Lily. The only reason she didn't run off into the sunset with Rufus was b/c S and D were "in love". That turned out to be so high school. Lily and Rufus really were in love for all those years, and now Lily is in a lonely marriage. Totally sucks, but I'm happy Rufus isn't still pining.

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