Final Episode---- Spoilers!



I mean, I was upset that Alan was confirmed dead, but COME ON! We just got the Sheriff back, and BOOM! dead. Guy? Dead. Robin? Dead. That's 4 people in one episode confirmed dead that have been there since the beginning of Series 1.

They obviously set up the ending for the show to be able to go on if they get funding, etc, but seriously. I'm angry!

After they killed off Marian at the end of last season, I vowed I would never watch the show again because of all the heartache that caused me... and here I am, heartaches galore. 4 of the very best characters, GONE. That leaves only 2 of the originals: Little John and Much. Unless you're Dr. Who, you can't continue a show without most of the original cast. I kind of saw Robin's death coming, but Alan, the Sheriff, and Guy too?

Who else is fuming over this outrage? I'm so disgusted.


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Jun 28, 2009 5:36AM EDT

I know this was a hard one tonight,
But these actors all wanted to leave the series to get on with their lives and their careers. (Who can blame them?) Filming in Hungary for six months out of the year had to very hard on all of them and then there were the hectic schedules flying back and forth (especially for Richard Armitage, trying to do Spooks, (MI5), and his other projects.)
But I'm kinda getting interested in Archer now. The only mistake they made with him was in not introducing him much earlier, so the audience could form a better emotional attachment to him.
At least the characters that died, (along with poor old Nottingham Castle, may she rest in peace as well), had a spectacular and grand exit. The final scene between Robin and Marian in the forest, was so beautiful in made your heart melt. (They should have added one final scene in the "hereafter" with both Robin and Marian meeting and greeting everyone they knew that had gone on before them. The meeting between Robin and Guy, and Guy and Marian would have been just priceless; not too mention all of THEM meeting Alan.
Yep, I think the greatest adventure IS yet to come; just like Marian said.

Jul 3, 2009 3:21PM EDT

omg guy having a really sincere moment with marian would be so priceless. but i think it would have taken away from the ending. actually i think that they should have ended the episode with robin joining marian and then fade to black instead of returning to the outlaws. i think it would have seemed more finished that way.
when marian said "The greatest adventure is yet to come." it reminded me of harry potter when dumbledore said "Death is but another great adventure."

Jul 6, 2009 2:41AM EDT

bawled my eyes out on this one... sniff

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