GREY'S ANATOMY ''With You I Am Born Again'' Review Season 7, Episode 1

Last night was the return of GREY'S ANATOMY for its seventh season and the premiere picked up a short time after the events of last year's season finale. For the most part, it appeared that everyone was back to normal. However, as the episode went on, we realize that the hospital staff really is just holding it together with glue and tape, as Bailey put it.

Callie and Arizona - We find Callie following Arizona around, watching her and smiling at her in a somewhat loving but a bit creepy way. Arizona is concerned that, given the recent events, Callie will ask her to marry her or have a baby. She is ready for neither. Teddy encourages her to find out what is going on. Turns out Callie just wants Arizona to move in with her, which is really no big deal at all since they practically live together anyway.

Teddy - Just like that Teddy has moved on from Owen and found herself a new guy, Dr. Perkins, the counselor sent in to determine if the staff is ready to return to surgery. Just as easily, Teddy tells Owen that she is happy that he and Christina are getting married. He in turn is happy that she has found someone (although at that point in time, I am not sure anyone knew it was Dr. Perkins). I guess that leaves Teddy and Owen as somewhat friends. With those two, though, you never know.

Alex - Alex is back to typical broody doesn't-care-about-anyone Alex. His bullet has surfaced to his chest, but he doesn't want to remove it because he thinks women will really dig it. He has turned his back on everyone, but more importantly Lexi when she has a major freak out in the ER after the shootings. He explains to Dr. Perkins that Lexi isn't his girlfriend anymore and so she is not his responsibility. Somehow Dr. Perkins clears him for surgery anyway.

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