Season 2 finale (some spoilers)

This show continues to amaze me with it's comedic genius. Even with only 6 episodes this season has provided as many laughs as other shows would in a 20 episode season! Another excellent thing about it is that you dont have to watch it from the start, you can pick it up at any episode and fall off your seat laughing at all the crazy jokes.

the finale was especially good because it plays off each characters personalities so well. Will gets stressed out with the exams and then goes and 'soils' himself in the middle of one, jay, the macho real man of the group, is the emotionally attached one in his relationship and actually cries when he gets dumped, simon finally gets to kiss the girl he has been in love with forever and thinks its going somewhere but then hshe tells him hes back with her ex. All hilarious moments that leave you holding you stomach with laughter.

Surely E4 must realise the potential of this great series that has grown so much in popularity so that it could rival skins. I hope that next season they commission the writers to make a longer series and surely nobody would have any objections to that.


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