Two of a kind is a gem !!!

I am a middle aged Australian male and as such, many people may think it strange that i am posting a review of this show. I have never been a fan of Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen but then i had only seen them years ago on Full house. It was only by chance that i saw " New York Minute" and i honestly enjoyed the film and thought they performances were respectable.

Two of a kind was never aired ( i think ) over here, and so i was interested in seeing the series as i knew it was based on the girls when they were around 12 years old . Would they be funny ? cute ? talented ?

I purchased the entire series on dvd and started from episode one. Instantly i was impressed by the opening sequence and the theme song. The show kept me interested enough to continue watching the first five episodes and all the charactors developed brilliantly. Everyone held there own perfectly and were all funny. Mary-kate and Ashley are simply georgous and i can relate totally as i myself are a single dad who has raised two daughters.

I continued throughout the series and simply marvelled at the way the show gave lots to the younger viewer and also had the intrigue of the pending relationship between " Kevin the father and Carrie the Babysitter. I laughed and then laughed more.

When i finished the entire series i was sadened that there was never a second or third series !!!! How could they get it so right and then STOP !!!

So i did the only thing i could do and started from the start again and i kept on laughing.

In this last year i have purchased many Mary-kate and Ashley movies but have never found the Chemistry like they had with the other cast in "Two of a kind " I have even purchased the paperback novels that are based on the series and even find them surprisingly good.

Thumbs up from me !!!


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