Has Potential

It's a good company if the word gets out on it, but it requires a little knowledge from the viewers. This show isn't for the everyday idiot and there are a lot of them. This show could go either way.



Default avatar cat
Sep 6, 2009 6:49PM EDT

It doesn't actually help that American television treats all its viewers like absolute morons...if two sharks are out of the running you really don't need to be told that only 3 are in 2 seconds later....do you?
It may be true that the format would have to be explained but not really all that much, that damn commentator is unnessesary and a pain in the ass, it is simple:
People have a business
They need a cash infusion from a wealthy investor
They offer a stake in their business
Negotiations ensue
Simples :p

Jan 19, 2010 12:10AM EST

People who are in the business would love to watch it because they can relate to it and for people who wants to put up a business or who has a business idea, it would also be beneficial as they will get an idea how the market goes and how the experts think of different products presented to them. So for me, the show is for everyone, by the way for people who needs expert's insight and opinion about the pitch they can watch the commentary of an Angel investor at

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