Max Payne Tops Box Office Despite Critical Scorn

Max Payne, the live-action iteration of the game series, pulled in $18 million this past weekend, despite near-unanimous negative reviews.

That figure was enough to earn Payne the top spot on the weekend's box office standings, though it's a somewhat dubious honor: The next-highest earner is the stereotype-fueled CGI kids comedy Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Scott Miller, CEO of Max Payne creator 3D Realms, finds the film's story baffling, telling Edge that "there are several fundamental story flaws ... in the film that have me shaking my head in bewilderment."

After the intriguing trailers I had higher hopes for this film's ability to shed the shackles of typically terrible game-to-film adaptations, but it looks like Payne is simply more of the same shoddy cash-in fare.

Did any of you manage to catch the film this weekend? Feel free to toss out opinions on the thing, either positive or negative.

Image courtesy Abandon Entertainment


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