She can do better Saving Grace does need SAVING

I think she is a Pig. She makes police woman look so bad. You can live life and love life without screwing everyone you run into. She has no limits which means she has no morals or ethics. How can someone like her in true life protray a cop. Cops do have some morals and ethics or they wouldn't care about us. Some maybe cold and caulus but she is trying to be like a man and she is like a man. She is a PIG like a man is. She has an angel, in all God's grace why would an angel watch her have sex, unless he was a fallen angel. She is the reason Solomn and Golmaith was burned down.

I use to watch it hoping that she would become a real person because I like HOlly Hunter. But she is still a Pig and now a bigger PIG than before. Is trying to snare God and religion? Is she showing that there is no God? That is why she is a bigger PIG than before? This show will soon be cancelled because the speech she gives about loving life, people and everything is contrary to what she does on the show. She walks around like she has a good body, she has a childs body not a womens. I hate having to put her down but she has put down what is left of what we think of Angels and God. Why would she do that? Holly you a bigger and better than what you are protraying, pls do better show better.




Default avatar cat
Jun 23, 2009 5:30AM EDT

wow I was always told and learned that god is forgiving. We all in life have problems and sometimes go astray. It is not that easy to bend a knee when there is sin in our heart, but we do. I think that the Hanadarko character is learning a life lesson or an angel wouldn't have been sent to her to help with her addictions of the body and mind. This just goes to show that all of us are worth saving, hence the title of the show. Open minded is were we all should stay.

Default avatar cat
Dec 15, 2009 4:03PM EST

To me "Saving Grace" helps me to understand and acknowledge, we as humans, all face our daily lives and make our own decisions. The knowledge that God loves us REGARDLESS is a humbling realization. Earl is helping Grace to learn herself as God loves us all. I say this show is a keeper.

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