This show is getting repetitive

There is always going to be some repetitiveness in a show, love triangles and so on but this show is driving me crazy. I hate Bug who treats her like crap and how they have this back and forth thing when they really shouldn't. He has crazy anger problems and he would likely be a wife beater. I am sure he is going to let his anger get the best of him in some violent way and they will break up for the 100th time.

I hate how Lux follows in her mother's footsteps by sleeping with an ex. Only she really leads that sweet guy on and sees nothing wrong it at all.

Then the Cate and Baze fighting thing is getting repetitive when usually I would love things like that. I think its because Cate's voice is really annoying. Like really.

Then it is the utter embarrassments suffered by Lux which really make me cringe, her parents arguing at the prom and then her dad screaming at the guy and discussing his daughter's sex habits in front of him.

In any case, they really need to change it up because it will get old fast.



Default avatar cat
Mar 17, 2010 12:53AM EDT

I agree actually...some things have gotten really repetitive. Baze and Cate arguing over the same things over and over again is getting old.Lux and Bug are beginning to really bug me...pun intendedAnd the way Lux treated Jones tonight was absolutely horrible and kinda made me wanna slap her.The only thing I liked was Baze and Abby. That part was funny and original.

Default avatar cat
Aug 10, 2010 11:20AM EDT

This show is becoming repititive. Lux is annoyinga and slutty.

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