there's also something i wanna bring up, in this world in supernatural; what about heaven? no, thats not quite what i meant, what i mean is there are soul's of damned mortals in hell right? and assuming what ruby said was true, they eventually turn into daemons right? well, what about the blessed souls? i mean, its not like the angles are alone up there, ever good person who ever died is also up there aswell. and given the prejudice of most of the shown angels, im assuming that blessed souls cant 'turn into' angels like the damned can turn into daemons. so why dont the angles, you know, talk to the already dead humans? i bet a few of them have good ideas, i mean, they did make it into heaven. so ... where are they? they're not even mentioned, and you know that the host of people who have gotten into heaven have an opinion on the apocalypse, i mean common, what else is there to think about when your in heaven?


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