Asking the Hypothetical

so, i gotta ask, if you had the keyboard, what would you do? near as i can tell the keyboard has the 'god power' of time alteration, and seems to have the power to augment personalities. assuming that the keyboard can preform all the executive functions available to manipulate reality (including commands like copy, cut, paste, delete, volume control, 'shift', 'return' (enter, but return has more applications to reality), brightness control, 'next' & 'back', etc.), what would you do with it? which job did you have where you wish you had the keyboard then (or, which school for those too young to work)? what other office appliance do you wish had 'god powers'?

for me, well, i'd 'prolly just re-live the best moments in my life over and over again. maybe use the copy and paste commands to get every material possession i ever desired. you know, the usual. the only other office supply that i would want to have 'god powers' are sticky notes. i know, weird right? but picture this, anything you write on the sticky note comes true when you stick it to something. so like, if i were to write "fly by will" on a sticky note, and attach it to, say my shoes, i'd be able to fly around using my shoes and my thoughts to steer. how cool would that be!


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Jul 29, 2009 12:20AM EDT

ok, so it looks like the 'copy' function has no hi-light or select feature, meaning it only copys what actually makes the command (the person pushing the button). still, one or two extra me's running around wouldn't be that bad, you know, one copy for every day of the week ... wait, i'd have to feed them wouldn't i? damn, that almost makes it more trouble then its worth. plus ... well, putting it simply, im a bit of an asshole, so i'd doubt "i" would take orders from another "me." still though, handy feature.

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