Unfaithful Brake-up

ok, as always with a 'House vs. God' episode, it was thoroughly enjoyable, in fact, as it involved every cast member, it was better then most; but did i miss a cognitive leap somewhere, how did 14 still exist in those last few scenes there? were they playing House (ha!... sorry), which, given the situation would probably have been the right move, but did House not catch it? and if we are meant to think that, were we really supposed to given only those few scenes? am i the only one who thinks they missed something?

other things:

-the buried treasure conversation was one of the most entertaining exchanges i have ever seen in a show.

-knew that if House really fired Forman he wouldn't have kept the badge (also, since he was actually Cuddy's hire in the previous season, doesn't she actually have the veto power?)

-knew that House was never going show at the naming ceremony (too social of an event, especially given the attending people who have a history with him (he would have been too bothered to explain his presence there to all of them)).

-you'd think with all the case's Wilson has helped House solve, he'd be charging a consulting fee by now.



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Feb 17, 2009 11:44AM EST

I dont think we missed anything concerning ForeTeen, they played House:) and now its a matter of time before House finds out... then all hell will break loose...This was really a very entertaining episode, but I missed something: what did Cameron tell Cuddy when she came to tell her how House has saved yet another life.

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Feb 19, 2009 2:36AM EST

ForeTeen definitely played House (and house) in this episode. There is a scene where they were discussing the best way around House's manipulations. Presumably, the part of the discussion involving the actions they ultimately took was made off-camera.
Cuddy would have veto power, but she told Foreman when he came in for the letter of recomendation that she wasn't going to use it because she agreed that he should be fired for his falsifying of records in the trial (also, realise to give Thirteen the real meds, someone had to be given the placebo instead of the real meds they were receiving, so it was a double whammy of bad doctoring). Also, Cuddy chosing between losing House and losing Foreman, guess which she'd pick?
As for Cameron and Cuddy:
Cuddy: House was right about the priest.Cameron nodsCuddy: Genetic test confirmed it was Westcot-Aldridge (sp?).Cameron: I would have discharged him.Cuddy: Everybody would have discharged him, House included. He only took that case as a stall.Cameron: And yet it was a real case, and he solved it.Cuddy: By...by violating his own principles, and ignoring the admitting symptoms. Still he somehow got away with it, saved another life.Cameron: You want him there tonight.They exchange looks.Cameron: You should tell him.Cuddy half-smiles.Pan out.

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