Stress Relief: M and D meeting with the CFO

you know, you look at the meeting and you think to yourself "why the hell do either of them still have their jobs?" and then you remember "oh yea, each is the best in the company at their respective job bracket" . . . and then you think to yourself "i wish i could live in that world"

other things that caught my attention:

"Do you?... oh, your talking to me? what (were you saying)?"

"...and they give you a funny cigaret, and you feel even more relaxed"

"you never expect that your the killer, its a great twist" (also- Michel honestly NEVER would have expected he was causing stress :P)

"...except having to seek the approval of my inferiors; speaking of which"

Michel the warehouse worker has a name-tag (its correct)

now we have seen both of Pam's parents

Pam wants kids! (kinda cute, but we'll never see it)

"...(and when) will he say it to me?" (kinda already has . . :)


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