Why i Hate this show

in my opinion, political correctness is simply a mild form of willful ignorance, and having a half hour show championing it is something i take as insulting. if you have no idea what im talking about, this is basically the point im making (but not nearly as humorously): "the path to hell is paved with Goode intentions"



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Aug 1, 2009 7:16PM EDT

Nobody like political correctness, (which has gone so far that the actual name 'political correctness' has been deemed politically incorrect)...BUT... if you can get tv shows about serial killers and drug dealers, the least you can do is make fun of some of the people who may overindulge in political correctness once a week in a cartoon, is really not that big a deal.

Aug 2, 2009 5:50AM EDT

you vastly underestimate my hatred for what i dubbed 'willful ignorance.' in my opinion, such is the worst possible corse of action a human can commit without directly involving others. like i said, political correctness is a mild form of such, and the sentiment behind it isn't something i despise, however it leaves the same kind of poor taste in my mouth that i get when i think about how the current pope was once part of the hitler youth. this show, while it does mock it, seems to hold being politically correct as ideal, and that is what i hate about it.

Aug 8, 2009 3:29PM EDT

being poltically correct is where the charm or i dare to say the humor lies in...like hw someone said before me, if one can get over serial killers and drug peddlers walking around scott free as heroes, 'm sure u can get over some light hearted "politically correct " humour..

Aug 8, 2009 10:13PM EDT

yes, but you KNOW that serial killers and drug dealers are bad! do you know that politicians are bad? ok, so bad example, point is, people dont know the flaw of political correctness as well as they do the dangers of 'violent' crime. when you see a killer on tv, you know that he's 'the bad guy' but in this show, helen and gerald are the bad guys, simply by believing that they are doing the right thing, and that doing so makes them better then others; do you think average joe gets that? its almost like its worse then other shows because the detrimental material isnt as clear as black and white.

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Aug 9, 2009 11:07AM EDT

Are you thick? This show is meant to satirize strident liberal attitudes and political correctness. Sad to see that humor is lost on most people.
It looks like you won't have to whine anymore, because this show is officially canceled anyways:

Aug 9, 2009 9:42PM EDT


Aug 10, 2009 8:43AM EDT

With a name like "NG...666" it's no wonder he didn't "get it."

Aug 11, 2009 3:05AM EDT

.....(dammit... blame singer)....
ok, first, i totaly understood what scott said long before he wrote it here; it's just that in my opinion the satirical aspect of the show isn't good enough to show the flaw with what its mocking *. in other words its not clear enough whats 'wrong' with the actions of the Goode family**.
second, the reason why my response to scott's comment was ':p' was cuz i know the point he was trying to make, but acknowledging the intention's of the show has little to do with how the show is actually portrayed, so either i show an emoticon that covers my general feelings toward it, or i write out 'i know thats what they were trying for, but they suck at it'. i went for the one with less typing. i suppose i could have written "well duh, did you really think i didnt understand that incredibly simple point before i went through the effort to write all this down?" but that would have been a little too rude for my taste.
finally, singer, what any of that has to do with the name i chose for myself on this site, or 'getting it' i have no idea. but you had to go attempt to make fun of me for something that has nothing to do with the topic at hand ... atleast when scott said i was thick, he thought that i didnt get the main aspect of the show, which yea, would have been pretty thick. you just sugested i might be dull because of the name i picked. see the difference? anyway, next time, write your own opinion and then say why you have it, even if its "NGrady666 sucks because he disagrees with me," cuz even thats better then trying to make fun of a fake name.
*the point of my second response**the point of my first response-i know, i know, i should have written that in the first place, but you wouldn't have felt the passion ;)

Aug 18, 2009 7:40PM EDT

I <3 this thread of comments.

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Aug 19, 2009 8:06AM EDT

how does this show "Champion" polictical correctness. It is a very clear satire! take episode 4 as an example in which the characters themselves realise that through trying to be "plolitcally correct" they end up behaving as slave / plantation owners. Even those who fail to understand the more subtle ways in which the show chalanges political correctness can not fail to understand in this episode where the point is made through clear character dialouge.
if someone were to watch this show and not understand it then luckilly they would miss understand the jokes not find them funny and so most lightly not watch it again, thus eliminating the risk of them learning bad attitudes. similarly if someone is so easily manipulated that watching a cartoon can change their opinions perhaps they shouldn't be watching tv.

Aug 22, 2009 5:21AM EDT

..... really? going by personal experience alone, the average american is an easily manipulated idiot. i completely agree that they should not be watching TV. problem is, no one is stopping them. so, it seems that the only thing one could do is regulate whats on the TV. thing is, i alone cant do that either, much as i might wish i could. whats left to me is almost literally the least i can do, which is to explain the flaw in the reasoning. i think i've done that here, but fact of the matter is, i'm limited by my personal communicative ability. anyway, if i left anything unclear let me know.
my issue isnt whether or not people get the joke, its whether they realize that whats being made fun of, the seemingly philanthropic ideals, are fundamentally flawed (which, ironically, is the only reason we can make fun of them) and that because of that, they are detrimental when held as the standard. being able to understand the simple mocking humor and understanding the flaw of 'good intentions' or the self-serving ends of said intentions are completely different processes. as such even if one gets the joke, they may not understand why exactly whats being made light of can be mocked in the first place.continuing the example of episode 4, as mentioned, they noticed that they made a mistake, but not WHY they made it (they were concerned solely with their own image). its a simple point, but unless its covered, there is no disarming of the chief negative aspects, and the concluding thoughts could be "ok, so i shouldn't do that too much" when the proper conclusion is "i shouldn't do that at all." case and point, at the end of that episode, they 'lucked out' that their shortcomings weren't discovered rather then suffering for their self imposed ignorance or learning from their self praised, but ultimately self-damming actions.

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