Check This Out!!

now, i happen to be related to one of the filmmakers, so pardon this short disclaimer: my opinions are my own and have nothing to do with the filmmakers, producers or anyone else who had anything to do with the making of this film. seems silly to write that out, but believe it or not my grandmother got targeted for a digital comment she made about the film when it first came out, so better safe then sorry.

having said that: you must check this film out. not so much for any political or religious reason, but because its necessary to understand that a large portion of american youth are raised in this manor. i know that for some people this seems like an interesting, but irrelevant triviality born of improper education, but one must understand; these kids will grow up, and whats more, they've been trained to be more impact-full then your average ... lets say 'intellectual.' for those that approve of the banner these kids are holding thats fantastic news, but for others (such as myself) thats scary as hell. either way, check out this film and show it to others.


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