Ted's marital relationship status, and the inconsistency there in

i had noticed, in the initial episodes, that although the stint with Veronica was called an affair, Rose's mom was only ever called 'Rose's mom,' which of course was clever as hell! by not concretely establishing his relationship status, they had a multitude of potential plots.

but then they switched it up, she's "his ex" now, of course this means that him hookin up with veronica wasn't an affair in any sense of the term (more of a fling really), and it also means he had no legitimate reason why he shouldn't have been with linda. that means hes no longer a suave family man who had a slip up (with V) brought on by stress and the wife being estranged, torn by a potential love and his past commitment. now hes a guy whos wife left him and is too scared get back on the horse, and too indecisive to pick between two attractive girls. i went from respecting him to loathing him just by the status change of a character we haven't even seen yet. huh, how bout that.


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Jul 7, 2009 9:49PM EDT

That's a bit harsh on him, no?

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Jul 8, 2009 12:14AM EDT

We don't know that he wasn't married when he got with Veronica the first time though, do we?

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Jul 8, 2009 4:38AM EDT

I'm confused. You respected him for cheating on his wife but you hate him for being hurt by his divorce? Seems a little backwards to me. normally infidelity is seen as a bad thing...

Jul 8, 2009 10:46PM EDT

i respected him for being desirable and for what i thought was essentially being a single working parent (i was under the impression that Ted's wife had left Rose and he when Rose was 4 and hadn't returned since, or something similar, but not divorced). i saw his slip up with veronica as a flaw that made him human and that he wouldn't repeat it with linda, who is more emotionally open and stable, told me he (may have) regretted it on some level. combined with his compultion to make those arround him more comfortible, i found him somewhat charming even.
however when you take away the burden of raising a child without a mother figure, and replace it with a mother figure that no longer saw value in the husband (one with a high paying job, even), you get a less impressive seeming figure. then, adding that he is desirable to the woman around him but unable to act on it to create a new healthy relationship, essentially because of arbitrary reasons that he makes himself (also known as 'making excuses'), and Ted no longer seems to have as much appeal as he used to. even his need to be liked seems more like he has self image issues to me. maybe im being a little too harsh on the guy, i dont really hate or loath him, im more just disappointed; but does anyone else at least see my point?

Jul 8, 2009 10:47PM EDT

not to mention this all but completely denies the plot line of: ted+linda grow closer -> linda+veronica fight over ted -> ted caves in(linda wins) -> before 'action' happens wife comes back -> ted struggles with feelings/ethics // linda ditto -> wife protests veridian/fights veronica -> veronica reveals affair to wife -> wife confronts ted -> ted accidentally reveals feelings for linda
with maybe a "wife confronts linda" or "wife confesses to affair of her own" thrown in there (she would have then been away for several years, so...). hell, linda's boyfriend too, i forgot about him! seeing as how linda only got him to make ted jealous, some fun things could come from that (although that could still happen). and i was so looking forward to how those various plots would have played out and how would it all have concluded. but now, oh well. this really has nothing to do with the main topic, its just a personal disappointment that is enhancing my over-all distaste ted's marital status beings established now as divorced.

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Jul 9, 2009 7:25PM EDT

It is a comedy show I believe,Therefore not mattering is present

Jul 12, 2009 3:46PM EDT

the reason why ted hasn't slept/dating linda is that he has used up his office screw and doesn't want a bad name for himself by being a slut or in his case a man whore.

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Jul 23, 2009 2:02AM EDT

NGrady, you said:"not to mention this all but completely denies the plot line of: ted+linda grow closer -> linda+veronica fight over ted -> ted caves in(linda wins) -> before 'action' happens wife comes back -> ted struggles with feelings/ethics // linda ditto -> wife protests veridian/fights veronica -> veronica reveals affair to wife -> wife confronts ted -> ted accidentally reveals feelings for linda" and you seem to imply this would be a good plot line. Perhaps you are forgetting this is a satirical comedy and not a soap opera?

Jul 23, 2009 7:24PM EDT

first off, 'fine line,' second, this progression is only addressing the interpersonal relationship between 4 character's, one of witch hasn't been on screen yet. i in no way want the relationship to be the focus of the show (which is the case in soaps). i felt that focusing to much on the relationship status in comedic shows was responsible for, say, the low points in the office's season 3 & 4, and thus should never be the main focus. BUT for as far as it needs to be acknowledged, i thought that the relationship progression i set up had the most conflict possible with the least blame (everyone would have been simply following what they felt was best, leaving no one 'at fault'). i also said that this plot-line not happening is a personal disappointment, which means your damn right i'm implying that it would be a good plot line, but i also acknowledge that i may be the only one that thinks so, and im ok with that.

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Jul 28, 2009 11:28PM EDT

I understand your disappointment. Although Ted sleeping with Veronica AFTER he and his wife break up fits in perfectly with his squeaky clean persona. I really don't see Ted with Veronica at ALL. It surprises me that others seem to think that this relationship has potential for being more. I agree that his excuses with Linda are a bit flimsy nonetheless. I hope their relationship progresses (even just a little) before the season ends.

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Aug 20, 2009 10:21PM EDT

which - a relative pronoun
witch - a supernatural creature
Protip:Spend more time enjoying the show and less time trying to find depth by re-writing what YOU think a character is... and maybe a bit more time with a good English tutor.

Aug 25, 2009 1:33PM EDT

nice. unfortunately not much i can do with the spelling thing. but the other thing is true, wishing and hoping ain't productive, but i enjoy thinking about these types of things, and on this issue i was curious about what other people felt. in stead of criticizing my spelling (in spite of knowing full well what i meant) without knowing my circumstance (what if english is my second language, or i'm dyslexic, and can't help it?) tell me about what you think about either the show or what i said about it. did your opinion of Ted change when you found out he was divorced or did you assume he was all along despite them not mentioning it for the first few episodes?

Sep 14, 2009 12:09AM EDT

to be honest i didn't care. i just thought the show was funny and keep watching because ii still is

Sep 14, 2009 12:10AM EDT

and yes i can't spell either

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