Season ender, final thoughts


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really quick, about the whole C4 boat standoff at the end, i have to imagine its a 50% chance as someone who's dieing from a non head injury has the few motor controls to clench their finger in their dieing moments-- adding to that humans natural capacity to clench all their mussels in a moment of shock- i'd say there's a 70+% or so chance that the button should have been pushed at the end, but hey its a show, i can roll with it.

also note the rate of death of the two spys at the end of the 'burned' spectrum (carla- who adapted well to burning, and victor, who... well, you saw), anyone notice that despite being shot in relatively the same place she went fast and he needed to be finished off? and anyone think revealing that carla had been a burned operative in the final episode (and then killing her) was sorta weak in the writing department?

i mean, personally, i would have worked with the spectrum a bit more (oh, victor reveals this abt carla, so shes wrong; OH!, carla reveals something abt victor, now he's wrong, etc.). at the vary least they should have made two episodes- one whole one on learning to trust victor (with the revelation that all 3, michel, carla, and victor all started at the same burned point in this one so we can mull over all possible ends to that path on our own time; maybe have a cutesy conversation with carla abt why she decided to roll with it), and then in the next one, part 2, have michel working with victor on how to stop carla (gotta say, love the combo of fiona victor and mike: 'can we blow them up?' 'no' 'then can we shoot them?' *sigh* 'no, we cant shoot them either'). i just felt like they only used a fraction of the potential.

also, why the hell didn't fiona shoot the guy with the high powered rifle first? well actually, both snipes in this episode were kinda ridiculous, but common, talk about a tactical mistake for otherwise vary technical writers (speaking of witch, the teaser? they even covered that flaw themselves in an earlier show). but i suppose they needed to kill carla off in the final episode so she wont be back next season. *sigh* there were just sooooo many other ways tho.


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