Bad Brakes go unnoticed

it was a good episode, thats not what im talking about, its 'the people who burned him," you know, the premiss of the show, what the hell are they doing?

if i'm following the story right, they are a scary, shadowy organization thats been good enough to kill everyone who michel has come into contact with, resourceful enough to pull off burning him, not to mention keeping someone as good as michel on the ropes. on top of that, after michel and the sniper got targeted, they have been paranoid. how have they not been keeping a close eye on him for three episodes (ok, even discounting the one which was coming anyway because of the super bowl, thats still two episodes of unchecked action)? truthfully the only reason i noticed is because Bly originally was there on their orders (more or less), so i thought to myself 'ya think they would have kept tabs on their former tools, especially the ones who turned and gave michel info.'

also, and this is just a thought; since the two people to be targeted by the burn people's enemies (michel and sniper), were the same two people who used the fake security passes (to get into the building where the sniper was setting up a perch), shouldn't someone have investigated who had the access to the security of that building? it just seems like such a simple step that was never taken.


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