Favorite Android, er.. Robot, uh... Bio-computer, umm... Human like thingy

By my count we got two sentient ones and a robot thats close. those would be Kim from the space ship, Stark's 'son' Callister Raynes, a sentient artificial being who apparently made it with Jo, and finally the robot Fargo build to replace Carter, sharif Andy. if you want, you could also say s.a.r.a.h., or even the drone bot that helped Zoe out of the freezer that one time, but they arent really human like. well, ok s.a.r.a.h. is, but she's not in biped form, which i guess is what i meant.

anyway, as for me, i liked Carter's robo-replacement, and i want to see more of him. i think he could join the sharifs office as a deputy under Jo. i mean, the 'new' programing will have to be field tested, and it only makes sense that he shouldn't be put in charge quite yet, he proved that- so, you know, deputy. i think he'll fit in, what with Jo already constantly trying to prove she can do Carter's job, if robo-cop joins up she'll have to keep proving that her near perfect human capabilities are better then his technologically enhanced ones. that could be really fun to watch what with Andy's oblivious niceness and all.


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Aug 22, 2009 3:07PM EDT

I vote Andy also. I think he was fun and interesting, and definitely fit in with the rest of the cast. A Jo/Andy rivalry would be fun. Of course it would be more of Jo having a rivalry with him, since he's android/robot and I don't think he'd much care about being competitive, but just doing his job. I think his perma-smile and 'always cheery' persona would definitely work Jo's nerves a bit.
I did like Kim, the bio-computer, though. I didn't want her to go so suddenly, but I suppose it was good for Henry's character arc, as it helped him make peace with letting Kim go.

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