P-brain's talent show

first off, like the new chick, but what happened to zane? arent they basically the same personality role (intelligent, but adversarial)? anyway, what i really wanna take note of in this episode is carter. his talent.

he is perfect for this town, and the last two minutes of this episode proved it. think about it, in this reality, there were six people in the world who knew about 'the signal.' only six people, and in this town that has the combined IQ higher then the combined IQ of any nation, all these scientists, with all their techno gear, various experiments and detection devices, higher educated, fine tuned analytical minds, and carter was the only one able to tell that something big is goin down. not only that, he was able to figure out what kind of thing was goin down (space related, incoming signal). he also did this only encountering 3 of these six people, and only through a conversation he heard in passing. thats talent that is suited for Eureka, even if he's only a 'normal guy.'


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