Will and Emma....theories? **Includes spoilers from Director's Cut

When I watched the original pilot, I really wasn't sure about the flirtation between Will and Emma...I understand her feelings, and even his, but some of his lines to her are much too suggestive ("There you go, Cinderella" and "C'mon, accounting is sexy.") and she responds accordingly (shying away and then disregarding the comment). So I'm partly uncomfortable with the flirtation, but I also want them to end up together, because I'm a sucker for romances. The writers are going to have to make his wife a complete shrew so his leaving her will be completely kosher (my boy and I think she's faking a pregnancy to get him to be an accountant so she can continue funding her Pottery Barn addiction...maybe it will come out as soon as he tells her he's not quitting?)

After all, it is from the writer of "Nip/Tuck".

Either way, I can't wait to see the musical sequences (please oh please more 80s rock!!!) and whatever drama lay in store. Either way, I will be quoting Jane Lynch because she is hilarious. "That's sloppy! You're sloppy babies! It's just disgraceful!"


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