Glee 1.13 "Sectionals" Review - I Got What I Want(ed) - Featured

And I took notes, which I edited...heavily. But this is essentially a walk-through of the episode.

Sorry, Jennifer Hudson, Mercedes kicks your booty. That is how you put Rachel in her place, AND properly save some insane belting for the end. WOW. Love how Quinn is plugging her ears.....and then, "I'm gonna hug you now" ...I got tears in my eyes. super good times. But was it for the club, or legit Rachel growth?

Well, the awesome a capella background music that cues something bad's gonna happen is on, so guess she didn't learn too much....and then,

PUNCH...holy crap.

End of scene, thought Rachel was gonna puke. Brava, Quinn for manning up, and Rachel for admitting selfish motives. I'm liking the honest self-realizations happening here, especially since this is the finale. I don't know how I feel about Puck and Quinn; Kind of want them together, but totally understand Quinn's choice.

Hooray for the short bus this time, though why does Jewfro have to be the fill-in? Gord I hope Finn shows up. ****don't get upset by "Jewfro". the character's name is no less stereotypically offensive than my nickname based on a physical feature. and I'm Jewish, so it's okay....and stuff******

YAY Sue/Schu face-off.....omg omg omg....i could watch that 1000X

Will and Finn scene was nice and necessary. Holy crap I think they're gonna do "Can't Always Get What You Want"

Brava, Emma, you go girl.....HA Brittany waving to deaf kids, she is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters....Totally great cliche Finn entrance, I said "I've got one" at the same time, and the "no" to Puck, but go Finn!...He grew some man hairs

We knew there would be a new set list, and I gotta admit, I prefer Rachel's ballads.

[lots of freaking out] "Don't Rain On My Parade" and Will's tears.. Lea Michele I LOVE you thank you for going old school broadway, and great entrance from the rest of the club.....that alone rocked for me. Seriously.

And I CALLED IT!!!!.....Will's reactions are killer (can every Matthew Morrison fan just swoon with me now), and yay audience swaying, and the outfits are great, the mini-solos are AMAZING...and thanx for not showing 3rd #... We know it's awesome, but time is of the essence and trying to top that Stones cover is difficult and pointless, since we love you already.

Cut to judges table HILARITY..."they were like honking", and the cheesy Rod Remington co-anchor, OHIO LEGEND!!...the comptroller was hilarious...That was some funny times....burned into my noggin.

Will/Terri confrontation wasn't so confrontational...though I think Will is DONE, or is he?

omg what the deuce? she cannot marry him....cold cuts tray? oh dumped her, and Emma finally admits the truth about sectionals and settling, omg arm grab, and Emma rejecting Rebound Will....but is she really quitting? Is this it? **notes are sparse here because my eyes were glued to the screen, as with the scene before it**

Sue is really in trouble? Suspended? whoaaaa....

and haha "let it be written"...Will's back in, but where will Sue go?? and did they frikkin win sectionals or not? but HAHAHAHA "Destination: just woke a sleeping giant, prepare to be crushed".....I love Jane Lynch, and Boca aside, I can totally see Sue Sylvester being a creep in her basement, plotting against Will and his hair gel. I hope she's not gone too long.

YAYAYYAYAYA they won. Good times.Oooo, and now regionals (which means the Man Diva, or Miva, from Vocal Adrenaline)....and the required pop song, which was lyrically appropriate and performed very well (including the Emma cut-aways)....and oh no run down the hall! oh please!!! oh crap oh crap oh crap......KISSSSSSSSSSS

Please stay, Emma!!!!

Well, this episode left me super excited and satisfied and in a week I'll start feeling "Glee" withdrawals, and then I'll fully realize that the show is gone until April, and I will be very sad. Still....AWESOME episode. Whew!


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Dec 13, 2009 7:26AM EST

HA! this is featured. that is quite funny. though re-reading it got me re-pumped about this episode, so now I want to re-watch it. Wow....I think this episode totally met the insanely high standards set by the pilot....that, in a word, RULES.

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