Poor Shaney Shane

Awwww. Poor Shaney Shane Shane. She's like the most emotionally educated character on the show in the sense she always know's what to say to make someone feel better, even if she does have issues.

This episode just reminded me why I started watching in the first place, not just for the lesbian love scenes, although this was a factor, but just because it shows the different types of relationships in all of our communities.

I was never a TiBette Fan, but I have to say I am getting into their story line and I just know there is going to be a twist!!

On another subject; what is the deal with Adelle, at first I thought she was in love with Jenny, but now it seems, she wants to BE Jenny, it'll be good to see how this story unfolds...

Excellent acting by all the core cast; as usual. They just all know their characters SO well.

Can't wait for next week!


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