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but we need a cupid...

Cupid was not about great acting or even about terrific plots. I liked it because once a week its nice to watch people fall in love. While all the other shows have these long will-they-won't-they type situations where people hurt each other, where there are no happily ever afters -- Cupid has been a breath of fresh air. You don't have to watch the episodes in order too much, you tune in for one show and it lifts your heart, it gives hope to the single. TV's not ready for Cupid, thats why its a remake and why its been canceled AGAIN. But I think at somepoint, there's going to be a turnaround where we're going to all be needing shows like Cupid because we need to be reminded what pure love and happiness is.


| 17:12 EDT, 19 Jun, 2009
Cupid is brilliant.I cant believe they canceled it after 7 episodes
| 20:51 EDT, 18 Jun, 2009
Thats what i feel too. it was sweet and funny, sure it was hard to get into at first but once you started watching u just fell in love with it has everyone signed the petition on yet?
| 18:33 EDT, 16 Jun, 2009
Breath of fresh air is exactly how I would describe it.Gonna miss this show.

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