The Mentalist: "Black Gold and Red Blood"

Patrick must solve a case from jail after Sam has Patrick arrested for eavesdropping. Read the Vitemo recap and review to find out what happened on CBS's The Mentalist.

The team investigates the murder of a young welder named Kirby Hines. The team learns Kirby was killed by blunt force trauma to the head, but also shows signs of being beaten. Patrick notices glitter on Kirby's face. Wayne and Grace process the body. Wayne tells Grace he thinks Patrick knows about them.

The townpeople arrive at the scene and fight. A man named Theodore Luscom pulls a knife. Cho grabs him and the team brings him to the station. Patrick fuels Ted's paranoia, but Teresa tells Ted to ignore him.

They return to the station and Sam places Patrick under arrest. Sam shows Teresa the bugging device Patrick planted in his office. Virgil asks Patrick if he was spying. Patrick says Sam wouldn't keep him informed of the Red John case, so he had to find a way to keep himself informed. Teresa says she had no idea it was going on. Sam tells Virgil that he will drop the charges if Patrick resigns. Patrick tells Sam to charge him and he will see him in court. Patrick is then booked and taken to jail.

Patrick refuses to be placed in protective custody. He is brought to his cell where he meets his cellmate Boo who says he was convicted of raping and killing a man. The two sit and talk. Boo thanks Patrick for listening to his story. The two turn in for the night. Boo tells Patrick not to worry about the morning. Patrick asks why he would worry and Boo explains that everyone knows he is a cop.

team works on the case. Grace goes over Kirby's notebook and sees numbers that look like coordinates.

Cho interrogates Ted who says the land where Kirby died belonged to his grandfather. He says the land was fraudulently sold to the Gerbers. He explains that the land is worth $50-60 million because of the oil sands beneath the land. Cho tells Ted to give him a list of places he was during the time of the murder.

Sam goes to Teresa and tells her his beef is only with Patrick and he has no resentment towards her or her team. He asks if they are cool and Teresa says she needs time to think about it.

Teresa and Grace meet with Kirby's wife Donna Hines and their daughter Gail. Donna tells the detectives that she and Kirby had been together since junior high. She says her family, the Gerbers, made Kirby feel uncomfortable. She says he had just started opening up about his feelings with her. She says Kirby was a skilled welder and they were financially sound. Teresa asks about the oil money, pointing out that it could have given her motive to kill him so he wouldn't get any money in the event of a divorce.

Patrick enters the rec area and everyone becomes silent. Patrick tells the group that he is not a cop, but he does use his people skills to assist the police. Patrick then gives a demonstration by making assessments of the inmates. He uses hypnosis to try to get an inmate off of drugs.

Cho meets with Patrick at the jail and shows him the notes from the case. Cho says Kirby showed signs of a beating that occurred over a month ago, and Ted was in custody at that time. Patrick says it could have been a friend of Ted's. Cho says neither Kirby or his wife reported a beating.

Teresa meets with Donna's father Dooley and asks about the beating Kirby received. Dooley says he doesn't remember any beating. Dooley sees his wife Sandrine and asks if she is okay. Sandrine says she is just grieving. Teresa asks Sandrine who she thinks killed Kirby and she says she doesn't know. Dooley admits that he isn't going to miss Kirby, adding that he wasn't good enough for his daughter.

Cho and Wayne talk to Sam about Patrick. They ask him to help them out. Sam suggests he may need to call on them to bend rules and Cho says it won't be a problem. Sam says it is a problem and tells Cho he thinks Patrick corrupted them.

Patrick looks over Kirby's notebooks and wonders why he wrote about vultures. He then calls Cho and tells him Kirby was a bird watcher. Patrick asks to speak with Roddy Gerber. Cho says Wayne is on his way to meet with Roddy and asks what Patrick wants to say to him. Patrick says he wants to talk to Roddy in person, but Cho refuses to bring Roddy to him. Patrick hangs up and calls Wayne he thinks Roddy is going to be hostile and aggressive. Wayne assures Patrick he can handle Roddy. Patrick then hangs up and calls Roddy. Patrick identifies himself as CBI and asks if he and Kirby were having an affair. Roddy gets upset and tells Patrick it's a lie. Roddy says he was in the Marines and Patrick continues to taunt him. Wayne then arrives, identifies himself as CBI and Roddy punches him in the face.

Roddy is arrested and brought to jail. Patrick thanks Roddy for coming. Patrick asks Roddy about the vultures, but Roddy says he doesn't know what he is talking about. Patrick says turkey vultures are a protected species. Patrick says if Kirby found turkey vultures on the land, it would prevent them from drilling for oil. Patrick gets Roddy to admit he beat up Kirby to stop him from reporting the vultures. Roddy swears that he didn't kill Kirby.

Cho and the team asks Teresa to ask Sam to let Patrick out of jail. They say Sam likes her and may do it as a personal favor. Teresa says she wouldn't use Sam and thinks Patrick deserves to be in jail. Patrick then calls Teresa ans asks her to visit him in jail. Teresa reluctantly agrees. Patrick whispers to her that Roddy didn't kill Kirby. Teresa says he could have told her on the phone. Patrick nudges towards Dooley and Roddy and says he needed to get into the visitor's room. Patrick sits next to Dooley and asks if he killed Kirby. Dooley ask Patrick who he is and Patrick goes back to his table. Patrick asks Teresa if she is keeping him in jail to teach him a lesson. Teresa tells Patrick that Sam is a happily married man and has no interest in her. Teresa says she she does hope he learns a lesson.

Patrick returns to his cell with the muffin Teresa gave him. He gives half of it to Boo, then puts the rest in the paper bag. He tears off part of a sheet and makes a mousetrap. Patrick wakes up and sees a mouse in the sink. He watches as it scurries into the trap he set. The next morning, Boo calls for help as Patrick is passed out on the floor. Patrick is taken to the infirmary. Patrick unbuckles his restraint, then shows the guard the mouse. The guard freaks out and Patrick sneaks into his office. Patrick then dons an officer's uniform and walks out of the prison.

Virgil goes to Teresa and tells her that Patrick escaped. Teresa says she has no excuse for him. Sam suggests Teresa contact Patrick, but she says she has no way of getting a hold of him. Patrick then calls Sam and says he is at Dooley's house. He says he will return with Kirby's killer in a few minutes.

Patrick sits with Donna, Dooley and Sandrine. Patrick asks Donna how she felt about her husband getting beaten up by her brother. Donna admits she let the money blind her and feels bad. Patrick says Kirby had glitter on her face as did Dooly when he saw him at the prison. Patrick suggests both men had a relationship with Sandrine. Patrick says Kirby was going to come clean about their affair. Sandrine says it is a lie, but Patrick says they have forensic evidence to prove she killed him. Sandrine admits her guilt. The police then arrive at the house and tell Patrick to come out with his hands up. Patrick admits that the police are after him and there was no DNA evidence. Patrick and Sandrine are then both handcuffed and arrested.

Teresa goes to Sam and tells him Patrick was able to close the case. Sam says they will have a hard time proving it in court. Teresa asks Sam to let the charges against Patrick go, but Sam says he doesn't want to. Teresa tells Sam that she will talk about what happened eight years ago. Sam tells her he doesn't believe her. He asks if she would be willing to ruin both their careers for Patrick. Teresa says he closes cases and she will talk if he doesn't drop the charges.

Patrick returns to the team and thanks Teresa. She says it had nothing to do with her. Patrick says he knows Sam loves her, but he doesn't think they had an affair. Patrick suggests Teresa knows something about Sam and suggests he killed a bad guy he couldn't catch any other way. Teresa denies the accusation. Patrick tells her he is touched by her risking her future for him. Teresa asks him to be more responsible, but Patrick tells her not to expect too much from him.

I'm not surprised that Teresa finally called in her favor to get Patrick released from jail. I agree with Patrick that there probably wasn't an affair between Teresa and Sam, but instead there was some kind of cover up. I wonder why Sam is so hard on Patrick's bending of the rules when it seems obvious he has been guilty of the same thing. I thought it was pretty funny how quickly Cho said he would be willing to bend the rules. I think Cho would have been a rule breaker without knowing Patrick, but is probably more willing to act on it with Patrick around. I really don't see why Patrick can't be informed of the details of the Red John case. It seems like all of this could have been avoided if Sam just gave him updates.


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