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God he's cold. I thought that they were right for each other, but he must not have cared about her that much before. I hope Conrad and crew come back


| 22:20 EDT, 31 Aug, 2009
I was watching season 1, Nancy was so much more together, the way she dressed, etc. It wouldn't work with Andy,the only money he made was as a coyote. She got into weed, to keep her lifestyle after Juda's death. Wouldn't she have got insurance when her house burned down, since the fire was so widespread, how could they have known she did it. Anyway, Andy is cute, he can cook, he needs to marry the doc. The two of them together (Andy & Nancy) would put the family on food stamps.
| 15:26 EDT, 29 Jun, 2009
why is this show still called weeds as a huge fan of weed i must say they are lacking silas is the only one messing with it sometimes.weeds?
| 09:33 EDT, 24 Jun, 2009
Where is Conrad ? He was the only smart character in the show. My brother actually ran into Romany Malco ( Conrad ) at a grocery store in Elkhart IN. I wish it would've been me.
| 22:30 EDT, 23 Jun, 2009
i think her and andy should get together. i know it would be super hamlet-y for silas and shane but it would be too cute! although i will also settle for conrad who was a sweetheart.
| 18:55 EDT, 17 Jun, 2009
Yeah, bad timing, she'd already blabbled before Esteban told her no more girls would be going thru the tunnel, plus the shaman told him not to give her peyote, whatever, which removed the block on her conscience. Esteban never got close to being arrested, and he can afford another tunnell. Anyway, I love the show Sorry about spelling.
| 12:00 EDT, 17 Jun, 2009
He obviously did but if the woman you loved ruined your entire business and almost got you arrested would you not be pissed? I mean hes is a drug lord.

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