Season Finale

So what happens next? Is Shane a psycho now, or was he just protecting his family? Will Nancy get rid of the mallet so it will look like she hit her head and drowned. It's not only Nancy who made him this way, remember how he was treated by the other kids in season 1.

So much for Andy. When will season 6 start.

In a way they are a strong family. Nancy always stood up for her kids, and Shane stood up for her. I wouldn't put up with a guy who told me what deod. to wear. Anyway, good ending



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Sep 1, 2009 12:36AM EDT

All I have to say is....
My face was like this: :O

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Sep 1, 2009 12:41AM EDT

i think shane is a complete sociopath now, poor kid. but yeah--you are right about him always being strange. remember he bit DEA agent/husband's kid's foot in karate?
and yes, esteban is such a nut, plus they totally glossed over his odd almost-rape of nancy at the beginning of the season. he's not a nice guy! i don't care how many cashmere sweaters they put on him!
and yeah, i'm glad andy bailed on audra. it just shows his lack of commitment to her. he never bailed on nancy, no matter how many people were threatening to kill them all.
cant wait for next season, but i think they should start winding it down because i don't see how many more seasons they can go for.

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Sep 1, 2009 12:57AM EDT

WOW!!! That was a fantastic ending to a mediocre season. My face was also :O

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Sep 1, 2009 1:51AM EDT

I was like watching along thinking man this is going the way of lost dum du dum dum and then BAM and :O YES!!! :D

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Sep 1, 2009 2:08AM EDT

oh what an ending i am very impressed throughout this season shanes development has always been the most interesting of the main cast his maturing could eventually allow the writers to make shane the new lead of the show he could take over ceilas crew on his way to becoming a kingpin if mary parker wants to leave The last scene between nancy and pillar had me concerned the show was heading down the season 4 finale route until shane decided to kill his mothers rival making him her enforcer ESTEBAN SHOULD BE NEXT ON SHANES HIT LIST he is by far the worst character on the show bring nancy and the fam back into the drug biz

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Sep 1, 2009 7:02AM EDT

I think if anything Guillermo should be next on the hit list because after all, it was Guillermo that stood up Nancy and rated Nancy out to Pillar about wanting to kill her (Pillar). Plus, Guillermo is going to try and come after Nancy because he knows it was her that rated him out about the tunnel. But then again, there are all sorts of twist and turns and you really never know what may happen next.

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Sep 1, 2009 7:13PM EDT

Nancy is going to be the big boss by end of season 6!

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Sep 1, 2009 9:08PM EDT

I had the same :O face when I saw the ending...that part made the entire show. Weeds is nowhere near as good as it used to be though, and I agree that they should start winding down, and let the next season be the last one since it's getting to be pretty boring now.

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Sep 1, 2009 9:11PM EDT

They should give Andy his own show...he's my favorite character up there now

Sep 2, 2009 12:15AM EDT

GReat, a great ending to a very good season.
I think Season 1 was a 9, Season 2 was a 8, Season 3 was a 10. And Season 3 ending was some kind of... ¡20!
But Season 3 was just a 6. This season was a 8. And that's not little, that's great.And this ending... ¡is a 10!
Well, I don't think of Shane as a psycho, -I also like pain-, I think he is becoming a strong a valuable man. He will be the next Corleone.

Sep 2, 2009 2:55AM EDT

Season 6 will be the last season... and Nancy is going to die. :P

Sep 5, 2009 1:27AM EDT

you are all wrong.
First, who says Shane was protecting his mother? Pilar (stop spelling with two Ls because she is Mexican and if it was "Pillar" it would be pronounced Piyar) was in the middle of a sentence about how she was going to have Shane and Silas killed when she died. He was protecting himself, among other things. Second, Esteban did not "almost-rape" Nancy. He was engaged to her and just had some rough sex. She smiled after. He wanted to show who's boss and she clearly liked being dominated. Third, Andy does have his own "show." Its called "". No lie. Also, who do you think you are saying Esteban is such a bad man pulling Nancy back into the drug biz? She didn't deal drugs a single time this season and besides, the show is called "Weeds," I don't know what you expect...
...However, season 6 will be the last season but Nancy will not die. The series will end with Nancy and her kids living back in America in safety (Esteban will die, as will Guillermo) and out of the drug business. There will be a warm feeling of closure as Nancy is probably sitting on the couch hugging her two kids as the camera zooms out.
Fade to black.
Remember this prediction when it happens circa end of season 6.

Sep 7, 2009 5:08AM EDT

I agree with Dundee.
I also agree that Shane's character development was by far the most interesting and disturbing, not to mention its effect on Silas' need to suddenly mature and take on a big brother/fatherly role for Shane. Shane's turning into a dangerous street dog and Silus is going to have to bring him back. I hope he does.
I still think that this was the weakest season yet. Frankly, when the show stopped opening with the "Little Boxes" song it lost its charm. The quaintness of suburbia was one of the show's strong points, and losing that forced the show down a darker path it wasn't really prepared for. Nancy's self-destructive behavior grew boring, and the "surprise return character" was the most disappointing plot device to draw in viewers and then immediately phase out the new baby and its new caretaker.
I would love for the next season to start with an abrupt close to the Esteban story (but please, no "six months later" cop-out again), then back to suburbia and small time weed dealing. return to Conrad for the love story closure, and end with Dundee's prediction.

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