Brent's view on "Christmas Comes But Once a Year

I'm going to avoid all the BS about this episode being about doing what you want versus what is expected of you, instead here is the stuff that I thought was important.

Watching Don Draper not be able to get laid is like watching Santa Clause slap a baby. There is just something inheriently wrong with it. I was willing to give him a pass last episode, that his inability to seal the deal in the cab was a fluke occurance, similar to when he waved off the asian waitress in "Flight 1." But no, this episode has proves that Don Draper has lost his mojo.

Beyond Don being pitiful, the man screwed his secretary...used to be that he wouldn't even look at a girl in office, there was a lot more going on in this episode. Turns out that Peggy has regressed from her previous sexual freedom and "isn't doing anything [with her boyfriend] can't do [himself]." I personally found this rather odd after what we saw between her and Duck. When I heard that her boyfriend thought she was a virgin I figured this was all part of the lie to make her seem more desirably; but no, this celibacy seems real. Thankfully she is back on the horse by the end of the episode after a heart to heart about how she should stop leading men on.

Thankfully this episode was weak on Betty; maybe the writers have started to grasp how little we care about her. I was also ambivalent about the Sally subplot (by the way, Sally's initials are SBD and for her middle name she was named after Betty). Either Weiner's kid (the actor who plays Glen) is an amazing actor, or he is just really creepy, until given evidence of the contrary I'm choosing to believe the latter. I was more than a little taken aback by the ransacking he gave the house.

Also, hurray for the return of Freddie! Maybe we can expect Sal to come back in some later episode as well.


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