Quick response to "Not the Best"

Smallville premiered way back in 2001, a full five years before Heroes hit our screens. Back then it was seen as a fresh, ground breaking new show which finaly re-introduced science fiction to the modern day masses.

The show succesfully incorporates integral story lines to which real people can relate with, alongside amazing special effects and awesome plot twists. Now, five years on it still delivers the thrill and excitement we have all come to expect from one of the best shows on TV today.

I admit that I too am a fan of Heroes, however, programs such as those could not have existed, and been as popular as they are today, without shows like Smallville paving the way.

If you are a fan of Heroes, take the opportunity to see the original, modern science-fiction drama. Take 40 mins to watch the pilot episode of Smallville, I guarentee you will be as hooked as i was (still am).


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