Gone with the Will- a little dissapointing...?

I hope im not the only one, but while watching this episode i found myself skipping all the rufus-lily bits and alot of the Serena, jenny and eric bits....im a chair fan and was dying to know what jack and blairs secret was, and plus i had read the spoilers about rufus/lily & the serena/dan story was predictable so ther was no point watching those bits!

It's not usually like Gossip Girl to leave things secret for more than one episode so they should have really given us the dirty on blair/jack already!

And good on Blair for standing up for herself against Chuck...however i hope this isnt the end of chair becasue that would be a shame.

Shocked that Chuck didnt realise Jacks intentions earlier...he's clearly not on the ball anymore...i liked the chuck that was always one step ahead of everyone else!

Chuck and Blair should team up to exterminate Jack once and for all....it's been ages since chair have worked together to oust someone!


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Jan 15, 2009 6:11AM EST

I agree, it was deffinetly a shock that Chuck didnt see the real intentions of Jack.. C is my favourite heroe and I dont like the fact that he's getting so soft, i know he's devastated about his fathers death but seriously..he's starting to become a lost teen boy and we all need "Im Chuck Bass" action with B holding his hand.

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