when will Stargate SG-1 Will come out Season 11?

I like this show very much and, can any one tell me when will they come out with Season 11?




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May 21, 2009 5:55PM EDT

As Cooper and Wright stated, filming two different stargate shows simultaneously, like they did with SG-1 and Atlantis is no longer financially viable.
Seeing as they will be releasing SGU (Stargate Universe) in October, SG-1 is discontinued, as far as I know.

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May 21, 2009 6:11PM EDT

Wow SG-1 has be canceled for like what? 1, 2 years now lol. SG-1 is done, over, finished they aren't bring it back, they closed up the story line with the latest movie. Wait for SGU, they made it for the same reason star trek has so many variations. You can only do so much with the same cast, eventually you was a change.

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May 22, 2009 8:34AM EDT

There is no season 11. SG-1 ended with season 10.

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May 22, 2009 10:28PM EDT

SG-1 is no longer on the air. There are two post-series movies released so far: Ark of Truth (which closed out the Ori story line) and Continuum. I believe they are in the process of making a third movie. Also, SGA should be coming out with its first post-series movie soon.
The newest Stargate series is SGU, which will premiere in October.

May 25, 2009 12:13AM EDT

The third SG-1 movie hasn't actually started yet they're still trying to get the actors they need. But RDA is back as Jack O'Neil, pretty sure Michael Shanks will be back, I think Amanda Tapping is back also but not to sure, I don't know about Teal'c. And I know that Martin Wood is directing this one too. I also know that the story will center arounf Jack O'Neil.

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Jun 15, 2009 10:09AM EDT

stargate sg-1 was the longest runing scifi seres its done it's in the guinis book of world records as such

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Jun 15, 2009 11:25AM EDT

SG-1 is the longest running *American* sci-fi series. The longest running sci-fi series overall is Doctor Who.

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