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The Almost Kiss in "A Night at the Bones Museum"

It totally almost happened at the end there.

We are now accepting predictions for when the real thing will happen. Major props will be given to the winner.

Season and approximate episode number will be required.

Good luck!


| 09:11 EDT, 31 Oct, 2009
but still, I will guess Episode 12 XD
| 09:10 EDT, 31 Oct, 2009
Just as long as it happens sometime soon, I'll be content with the eyesex and unneccessary touching for now <3
| 19:35 EDT, 16 Oct, 2009
its not going to happen in the 100th episode like GreggMcF said because i think and am pretty sure that thats supposed to be the episode where they flashback to before the pilot episode.. but i expect it to happen before the season finale and it'll be an arc into a cliff hanger revolving around the kiss and what will happen between themthe only reason i say this is because the writers chickened out last season and put their long awaited hook up into a dream.. but this season they can not do that because it only gets the viewers frustrated
| 01:28 EDT, 16 Oct, 2009
I put my money on episode 10, just cause I really want it to happen. Also, when it does, they should totally do it near some ancient artifacts. That seems to be where everyone does it. "Lancelot" and Daisy this past episode, and then a while back Hodgins and Angela. IT HAS TO HAPPEN!
| 23:19 EDT, 15 Oct, 2009
ahh i cant wait! i want it to be HOT! lol. idk, its just gotta happen
| 21:24 EDT, 15 Oct, 2009
I deffinetly see it happening, it's about time. Finally lol making us wait 4 seasons that's cruel. It will possibly happen in Episode 16 just a quess as it's the 100th ep. and they are most likely going to celebrate.

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