Episode Recap: "Week 9"

After last week's highly talked about episode (I've never seen so many comments!), I couldn't imagine this week to get any crazier. Well it did, only not in a talking smack about other players way (we're used to that by now), but in a 1980's themed way. That's right this week was all about shoulder pads, scrunchies and short shorts. So let's get to recapping.

Everyone on the ranch was shocked that Amy voted Brady out but for her it came down to 1 simple fact. Amy had the highest percentage loss in the house, followed by Brady, and needed to think about herself and the game for once. Eliminating her competitor didn't do much to simplify things though. While Black stood by her, Blue no longer could trust her. Even Ed admitted that she should be nervous because Vicky is crazy. I've never heard such harsh words on The Biggest Loser before but Vicky is at no shortage for them. She called Amy a "stupid, backstabbing bitch" who "screwed it up for them." Heba smartly decides that she doesn't want to get involved in the mess; she just needs her and Ed to stay above the line. Vicky on the other hand wants revenge and she makes that loud and clear by putting up a sign on her door that says just that.

Bob was shocked to see Brady gone. After hearing Vicky's side of the story, he went to talk to Amy about it, who was clearly having a tough time after the fact. This is why I heart Bob. Although he's disappointed that he's down a Blue team member, he tells Amy that she has to take care of herself and do what she has to do to stay on the ranch. He reminds her of when Eric from Season 3 voted out Marty, who was the last member of his own team. He was also his biggest threat and needed to do that in order to eventually win the game. "Can you handle this?" Bob asks. "Absolutely," Amy replies.

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