The Office: Golden Ticket Funniest moments

Alright so this week's episode of The Office had me in stitches almost the entire time. It was a perfect stand-alone episode that kept the laughs coming.


In classic Office humor the opening was brilliant, Michael starts in with a knock knock joke taken too far (he actually brings out some butter and bread), Dwight tries one and naturally Michael starts fighting with him, best part Jim says "The KGB will wait for noone!" slaps Dwight and Dwight says, "Its true."

Everyone congratulates Dwight for his golden ticket idea Jim apologizes to Dwight for making fun of him Dwight says: "apology rejected." and moves on

Michael bursts in on the call with David Wallace re-claiming his idea and gets into an invention-off with Dwight. Quote: "Horse-boat. a canoe built around your horse so you can go from riding to water travel without slowing down." Or Michael: "I have a lot of toilet ideas" Dwight: "That's because its EASY!"

And of course, to close everything off perfectly Dwight tries the KGB joke on Jim and he successfully puts him off telling him that he's late for work and to come back later. Dwight agrees.

i also thought the romance with Kevin was kind of sweet, especially with the added bitterness from Andy.

source: Juliet's place


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