Gossip Girl or 90210?

So as of today I am officially caught up on my Gossip Girl, season 2, and have also seen all of the new 90210 (and thanks to my obsessed roommate, much of the old series). I have to say though, I am much more interested in Gossip Girl than the highschoolers of Beverly Hills; is it because the drama or the upper east side is more interesting than that of the california coast or perhaps for other reasons.

When I first contemplated this question I thought maybe the (perceived) failures of 90210 was because of their efforts to incorporate the older generation and their own drama. I am not so sure that this is the case though, Gossip Girl definitely includes parents' issues (Lily and Rufus, Lily and Bart, Archibalds) and it does take up a considerable part of the show but it feels so much more natural to watch than in 90210.

Now I am so unsure why I enjoy Gossip Girl more, maybe it is because it's not trying to remake a show from the 90s, or maybe because the whole style of the show is more put-together than 90210, which has a laid-back Californian style that might be a bit outdated. I also think that some of the issues they are trying to address on 90210 are outdated (teen sex, drugs, parents divorcing) and they are trying to cram everything possible into what has been half of one season.

What do you guys think? Is there room for two high-school dramas? Albeit there is not much crossover with the two shows portraying very different worlds.



Default avatar cat
Dec 3, 2008 10:34AM EST

I must say I prefer gossip girl to 90210 a great deal. I like 90210 but... it just doesn't have the same pazzazz. It doesn't have the unique characters whom we adore despite their bad behavior (Chuck and Blair) and it doesn't have the same witty script-writing.

Large newrachelimage
Dec 10, 2008 9:28PM EST

Agree with nannysox...the biggest difference for me is the quality in the script.
90210 has really failed to impress me with their dialogue whereas GG is sharp and really in tune with current pop-culture.
GG plotlines as a whole are also more intricate and creative. As you say, much of 90210 feels like its been done...though it's still entertaining to watch!

Large good to be queen
Dec 11, 2008 9:31AM EST

I realise I'm in the miniorty, but neiither. :P

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