Episode 6 - Man on the Street review

Six weeks in and the story is progressing nicely. I think this episode is a real key episode in the series as it shows the true contrast of ethics within the Dollhouse.

Through the assignment that Echo is given this week, it is seen how the Dollhouse could arguably be doing good with its business as it is a rather sweet story and how could you argue with the morals behind that? Also the dolls did volunteer for the dollhouse so would they be slaves?

However, on the other hand, once they have become dolls they have complete innocence and no way to protect themselves such as with the incident with Sierra. They don't know what is appropriate and what isn't. They also can't control what missions they go on and what danger they would be put in. Because they are innocent and effectively 'blank slates' it is impossible for them to simply say "I want out".

What do you think? Is the Dollhouse unethical?


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