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The Best of the Best

Is it just me or are Stargate, Stargate Atlantis and their various films (and maybe Universe but we'll just have to wait and see) the best shows ever to exist? If yes, then why, if not, why not?


| 22:26 EDT, 21 Oct, 2008
ther the best becase they don't throw to much at once if u look at the begining and the end look how different they are
| 19:00 EDT, 04 Oct, 2008
I fell for the original movie with Kurt Russel an have not been able to miss 1 single episode of neither SG1 or Alantis, I loved Star Trek and the various series but StarGate just shadows the rest for me. What makes it so believable and compelling is it's not about the future its about now, if you've ever read or watched any info about the pyramids (and the many mysteries that go along with them) then this is a very good story to explain these mysteries...
| 11:00 EDT, 04 Oct, 2008
Yes, probaly the best show i have seen (the new doctor who show was also good :D) and i think its because it is a realistic sci fi show, wherer most other shows are very exaggeratet. And its also about us, (the earth right now).

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