No Sympathy For The Devil

Last night, Thurs, Sept 11, the fifth season of supernatural started.

Supernatural was all I was waiting for this summer, if I met the "Djinn", my 'wish' would be the end of summer and the start of season five but only time was capable of granting my wish. It picked up from where they left off at the end of season four, the release of Lucifer and all his/her baggage, since angels don't seem to have a definite gender. In all honesty, I found the season opener a little...lacking. But before I point out its' flaws onto the GOOD!

GOOD:The music was definitely noticeable in this episode, as it is in every one, but I found more mixes and variety which I found refreshing and key in the events that accompany them.

The humor was well...humorous. It followed the usual witty (with a hint of sexuality, ahem...Becky) humor, the show is known for. All the better, since the apocalypse have arrived and all, so all the christian fanatics can chill since Jesus will touch ground soon, right? I loved seeing what happened to Chuck and his sudden entrance, I nearly spilled my coke all over the floor but thankfully I was saved thanks to my lightning fast reflexes.

The mythology was great! That's one of the reasons' I love this show, I learn all this mythology that I would otherwise have to read in a book. I like how Becky put it, the angel mythology was a nice change of pace and makes the show that much better. Learning that Angels aren't all powerful gives the show more realism and immersiveness, and gives us some more insight into how GOD thinks.

The Devil is an amazing and daunting addition to the cast of this show. Amazing because I'd love to know how he's going to be presented and I love how Kripke is fearless? about entering this territory. Daunting because well, he has the ability to alter opinions of how the Devil 'is'. He could make Lucifer seem like a good 'person' only misunderstood or make out like the ultimate evil that only sees pain and destruction. I want to see how Mark Pellegrino will play him, he has a good look but does he have the chops? Only time can tell.

The revival of past characters is what I find key to the show, it's not just a world surround the Winchesters' but rather they're in a huge world, made bigger by Angels. Not to give too much away, An old...friend makes an appearance, a friend who I missed from the past season. So now, the Winchesters' not only have to deal with Lucifer but also, properly 'greet' their old friend.

BAD: Not so much bad, but disappointing compared to past season openers. There wasn't anything that was like WOOOW, not like when I learned Anglels were real(in the show) or John sacrificing himself for Dean! Sure we have the Devil now, but that was anything I wasn't already anticipating. Like there wasn't any true conclusion on how to defeat Lucifer.

The Hunt was more of a squabble, they didn't pick up any interesting facts and what little research they actually did, didn't even help. What got them to where they ended up was knowledge their dad had give them.

Angels were the highlight of the last season and what a highlight!!! So blinding, but I would have liked to see more this episode. We had Zachariah (douche) who is, to my knowledge, not a recorded angel. I would have liked to see the Generals/leaders, like Gabriel or Azrael, etc or otherwise you'd have to introduce God which would be way too early. The Apocalypse is here and yet God's most famous angels have yet to take part, only lower management.

The ending was weak as well. "I can't trust you...", Hmm another given, still not as strong as previous openers. The episode was more so an emotional one, all about talking and feelings, even though Dean would say otherwise. It's not like I hated the emotion, the brothers are known to evoke some real emotion and it makes the episode so real and touching and great but I believe the emotion in this episode hurt more than helped.

I'd give it a 7/10, as it wasn't HORRIBLE but because it lacked in areas that are the shows trademark. Even though I feel disappointed now, I know the writers will wow me in future episodes, lost of questions are in the air, I just can't wait till next episode!!!


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Sep 12, 2009 10:25AM EDT

Be patient, the show's only starting. ; ) I bet it's going to be Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!

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