harold and kumar 2...

After seeing the first movie the first thing i said was "they NEED to make one where they go to amsterdam", alot of people said it too. now some odd years later they finally have. though i was a bit disappointed they didn't spend all that much time in amsterdam, the movie far exceeded my expectations. I have been waiting for this movie for years and trust me, in my opinion it was well worth the wait. Me and my fiance went and seen it last night and we laughed the entire way through the movie. Granted, it's about a couple of stoners.. but none the less they make it entertaining until the very end, and personally i hope they make another movie because i will definitely be going to see that one also. I say for anyone who loved the first movie, go see this one for sure.. because the outrageous wacky things that happened in the first one, can't hold a candle to the things that happen in this one.


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