Top Gear Season 14 - What's coming to you

So here we are, series 14. You'll have noticed there was no series preview montage for it at the start of tonight's show. But don't worry, we haven't turned to crap, we just haven't filmed enough stuff yet to make a decent montage there are still four biggish films to shoot and, basically, we're up to our necks.

The Christmas Special in South America took way longer than we'd planned things went to shit out there with weather and illness and vehicle breakdowns so the knock on effect is big. On the plus side, we think this Special will be right up there. Let's face it, Vietnam, funny show, but hardly pushing us to the limit, whereas this one is much more hardcore.

I just started cutting it together and the opening sequence alone, which we estimated would be three minutes or so, makes 20 minutes of telly. And the editors and I were pissing ourselves at Richard, who hates creepy crawlies, having a big crisis moment when a monster flies into his cab.

So running through the line up, I think show one is strong and show two, where the boys build their own electric car, is, I would humbly say, a belter a little bit of magic happens when they're all together in one car, Renault Espace convertible stuff.

Show three, is, gasp, for people who like cars, because we want to explore this question of which car company made the greatest number of great cars and we'll be asking you for your thoughts v. soon on that one. So yeah, show three is a bit geeky, and to balance that out we've got James's Caravan Airship film, which will take an exalted place in the pantheon of Cutting Edge Cocking About.

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