Episode Recap: "Selfless"

This week on Prison Break, Michael got his hands on Scylla, only to be blindsided by a major betrayal. Once the dust cleared, one of the good guys was left dead. Read on for the full recap!

After a steady, careful and arduous approach, Michael lays his hands on Scylla. Instantly, an alert is sent to the General, his security camera activated. The General hurries down to the chamber with his guards... only to be ambushed by Linc, Mahone and Sucre, the instant they exit the elevator. Tripping the alarm was Michael's plan all along, as it brought the elusive sixth card to Scylla. Using all six cards, Michael accesses Scylla, which is an external hard drive (albeit not one of those cool colored ones you order from Belkin).

Meanwhile, at the trap set by Gretchen....

Self and "Trishanne" (aka special agent Miriam Holtz) are bound and held captive by Feng. They get into an "argument" which is actually a diversionary tactic so Self can unlock his cuffs, seize one thug's gun and take down two of the others. Trish gets free, and ends a Self-Feng showdown by gunning down the Asian. Self says he would have preferred Feng be kept alive - very much so, we later will learn.

After taunting Lincoln with information about his father, who allegedly was an executioner for the Company, the General inquires as to the gang's extraction plan. "Do you expect to just walk out of here?" he scoffs. As a matter of fact, yes, says Michael - seeing as Sara, over at the Angels of whatnot event, has gotten the drop on Lisa. Er, that is the General's daughter. Bombshell time! And that was a good one.

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Nov 30, 2008 3:36AM EST

arghh!! i really hate don self! i didnt expect that he will take scylla just that fast.. and trash scofield away... argghh!!! im really annoyed with this episode!

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