how the heck do you watch it?

I see no 'play' button, and clicking the search for episodes button just leads to external links!


Dec 12, 2009 2:11PM EST

Thats the point, sidereel doesnt have any sidereel links, it has links for example megavideo or zshare.. so u have to click search and then one of the links :)

Default avatar cat
Apr 12, 2010 12:02PM EDT

The links to tvplush are the best. They give you a video. You MUST DOUBLE-CLICK IT WHEN IT STARTS to take you to the place. Toudou gives the episodes in halves. What you want to do is hover your cursor over the related videos under the main video. You'll see a bunch of Japanese or Chinese writing, followed by the number of the episode you're watching, followed by a lowercase "a" or a lowercase "b". For example, if you have just gotten to Season One episode seven (first half), you will look for a bunch of Chinese writing followed by "07b" or something like that. All the other links give you Megavideo or don't work. Megavideo has great picture, but you can only watch one episode, plus most of another one before it asks you to get an account or wait 72 minutes before continuing. I hope I helped!

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