Sopranos Movie?

Well Im not out on the net looking but where has the idea of a movie ever been said? This would be a total disgrace to the show. Of course the last episode was horrible, it's tough to end any good show. It's amazing though how such good writing seems to disappear in most shows last season. Whoever decided on this ending deserves to be criticized, the ending is quite amateur as all it does is leave the viewer to their own conclusions. If not another full season, at least a couple more episodes where it would have more realistic events happening like Tony being pinched and put away, and the loss of their fortune and effects that has on Carmela and the kids. And of course an all out shootout that leaves everyone dead or dying, and Paulie walking away because he's my favorite character. Anything but a restaurant scene where the family is ordering lunch and a Journey song is playing in the background. Just a piss poor ending to the best series ever.


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Apr 17, 2008 7:10PM EDT

Yeah,eh the real owner of the bada bing is call the eh i dont remeber the name strip club was about to remodel the place when he recived a call from David Chase assitent to tell the owner not to touch anything that could change the set of the bada bing because it will be more film shooting in that place,a movie?,more seasons or episodes?nobody knows,i read it in a gosip magazine

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